Sam Hultin

Alla måste duscha (Everyone Has To Shower) is a locker room, a toad, a disco, a hiding place and a school presentation. It's an unexpected speck of glitter, featuring shower room acoustics and an obstacle course. It's a show that is sadder and more hopeful than one would think. Welcome!

Participants: Ebba Ekstrand, Emma Björk-Jäderlund, Fanny Leander, Hanna Gustavsson, Hanna Kisch, Ingela Ihrman, Johan Eriksson and Josefine Larson Olin.

Alla måste duscha was my master project at Konstfack in Stockholm. It consisted of a number of scenes, in a school gym, that all dealed with the school gym as a place where norms regarding gender and bodies become very present. Together with artists, muscicians, a dancer and two acting teenagers the audience followed the participants in an obstacle course with a giant toad holding up the rest of the group, listened to a song about looking at eachother in the shower, discovered that someone had built some sort of nest for themselves in the equipment room, listened to a story about pretending to faint to get attention at a high school disco and off course learnt about what it means to have gym class.

The work was later put up in collaboration with Norrköpings konstmuseum with a group of young performers.



Documentation from the shower scene 17/5-2012

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