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Foto: Theresia Köhlin

With 2,3 million magazines sold per year Amelia is Sweden's most popular "women's magazine". You can find it in basically every grocery store, dentist's office or hairdressing salon. Amelia is a lifestyle magazine for "women who want to make their lives better", positioning themselves against their more fashion/gossip oriented competitors as more of an straight-laced/self helping/wholesome sort of magazine. The magazine does indeed contain a lot of articles about yoga, cooking, self help, home spas and so on but at the same time there is also a lot of articles about diets and other ways to change the female body according to destructive norms. The magazine is over all very much reproducing a stereotypical image of the "woman" as white, straight, beautiful, happy and so on.

One day I got a call from Amelia asking if I would be interested in being interviewed for the article "What kind of summer holiday woman are you?" They needed someone who just took it easy for her summer vacation and since they already had the "adventurous", the "creative" and the "family woman" they called "the relaxed artist" aka me. And off course I said yes.

Before the interview I read stacks of Amelia magazines and during the interview I answered the reporter's questions with quotes from the magazine - trying to make a point of the reproducing of stereotypes by reproducing them again. The reporter didn't suspect anything - (I was the perfect interviewee!) and the magazine was published.

Read the magazine (and click on the quotes to see where they came from) here (only in Swedish) >>

After the magazine came out I exhibited my project at Galleri LundhÅstrand at Högkvarteret in Stockholm. Since no-one from Ameila came I invited the editor in chief for a discussion on the Swedish radio show "Publicerat" (P1 Sveriges Radio) which she reluctantly accepted to do.

Listen to the radio show here >>

After this I exhibited the project on 15 libraries all around Sweden.