Sam Hultin

Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgårds östersjögala (Hägerstens Botanical Gardens Baltic sea gala show)

I have a feeling.

It's a strong feeling but kind of hard to catch so I will do my best in trying putting it in words.
It started when I was eleven or twelve and I was going to do a class presentation about the Baltic sea.
I was very exited because I had just spent a week in the Stockholm archipelago and I really felt that I had a lot to say about it. But as I started to read about the Baltic sea, I discovered that a lot of things weren't the way that I thought that they would be, or the way that I wanted them to be. A really large part of the seabed was, and is still, dead due to pollution. Overfishing had almost led to the extinction of some kinds of fish and for the first time I learnt about the massive business of trafficking in the area. This was also just after the cruise ship Estonia had sunk and 852 people from all over the baltic countries had drowned. I also had this fight with a boy in my class about whether the Baltic sea was actually a sea or just a big lake. I remember that he had just been on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.
I did not know what to do. So for the presentation I wrote a poem. And since I have the same feeling today I made it into a song.

The Baltic sea
My Baltic sea, I want to say something nice about you
although there's some things that scare me to
My Baltic sea, I want to talk about the black depths of your nights
not about bow doors or algal bloom or cods or dead seabeds trafficking boats and their lights

But it's hard to hear something else than the noise of alarms
and its hard to close your eyes when reality takes you in her arms
But tonight Ill leave room for my adventurous child
with a packed lunch, a life vest and a longing to be wild

Anyways, I want to talk about the waves and their restfulness
and about fear and of why it can be as great as the peace, resting in your calm caress
and I want to tell you about your glittering mornings
and about breathing in air that is salty seaweed and to never wait for your wings

To sail away because waves are calling for you
To run away and to never do what they tell you to do
And your ship is made out of dreams and of styrofoam
Where we are going is going to be a place of our own

This story and song was the beginning of the Baltic sea gala show that was arranged by Hägerstens Botanical Garden. We invited other artists and musicians to see if they shared this feeling. These people participated: Ingrid Furre, Lise Haurun, Juni Järvi, Vilda Kvist, Natasja Loutchko and Anna Kinbom. Everyone contributed with their own interpretation of the sea.




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