Sam Hultin

Tropiska Vinterviken (Tropical Vinterviken)

Plant your own tropical garden dream!

What kind of soil is best for a Brazil nut tree? How does one get a lemon core to both root and to bloom in sheer scented flowers? When should one plant a pineapple and how much space should one measure between the plant rows? Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård’s tropical planting group shares their newly acquired knowledge and hope of exotic future harvests.

Come along and take a guided tour through the project Tropical Vinterviken. Gathering at the bulletin board by the entrance.

16/6 12 pm
17/6 12 pm

Come and let yourself be inspired!

During the exhibition In a World of My Own – Utopian garden investigations, curated by Elina Suorjö, Hägerstens Botanical Garden held guided tours in Tropical Vinterviken - a collaboration between Vintervikens Trädgård and Hägerstens Botanical Garden. During the guided, parts of the experimental project was shown. The visitors got to see the pineapple tillage, learn how to plant an avocado seed, look for birds of paradise (just arrived from New Guinea) and learn about the life of a Brazil nut tree.
Because the project didn't really pan out to be the way that the gardens inhabitants hoped for, the visitors got to hear some poetic contemplations about their brave endeavours of planting a tropical garden during very difficult conditions.

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The avocado seedbeds

The paradise grove

The pineapple tillage

The Brazil nut tree

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