Sam Hultin


The Studio 17 Movement, Lykkeland and Ideas of Change (2019)

In the performance lecture «The Studio17 Movement, Lykkeland and Ideas of Change» (2019) I use thinkers, activists and writers like Zygmunt Bauman, Octavia E Butler, Tobias Hübinette, and Martine Rothblatt to talk about the Norwegian oil industry, climate denial and the TV show «Lykkeland» in connection to fear of change and today’s retrograde, nationalist and racist movements. The performance problematises nostalgia and questions who can afford to be nostalgic in a world where groups of marginalised people are fighting for human rights and major changes regarding the west’s unsustainable lifestyle has to happen.

The work was made for the exhibition Fremtiden tilhører dem som tror på skjønnheten i sine drømmer at Studio 17, Stavanger.